Meet The Crew



Since starting his career in the spring of 2005, Geoff has been on a constant quest of growth and knowledge when it came to his craft. From the start, he focused on the traditional side of tattooing. Whether it was American or Japanese art, Geoff always realized it was most important to be a versatile tattoo artist. With this in mind, he was bestowed with the honor of joining Japan’s most prestigious tattoo family. Under his master HoriKyo, Geoff studied many forms of Japanese art, including tebori – the Japanese hand poke method.




During his time as a tattooer, Mike has taken pride in the black and grey work he produces. He is well versed in many other styles such as realism, traditional, geometric and everything in between. He is happy to accommodate anyone who walks through the door.




Garret DeFalco has been immersed in tattoo culture since a young age and continues in the pursuit of skill and accumulating knowledge of authentic tattoo styles. He enjoys doing classic designs and custom tattoos with a flavor and influence that comes from the core of true tattooing. Garrett has a wide range of influences including tattooers hailing from different parts of the world, classic woodblock art, Japanese manga, and low brow art that has been canonized in classic outlaw subculture.



The Silent Architect, Erik F. Portillo, prides himself in capturing beauty through ink, diving deep into the heart of a person’s experience to birth a tattoo masterpiece which immortalizes it’s sacred meaning while capturing loss, love, heartbreak, healing and life’s milestones frozen in time. As the oldest son of Salvadorian parents who endured the heartache of civil war and brought forth peace of mind by bringing their children to New Jersey, Erik grew up being fascinated by architecture and line structure. This interest lead him to drawing and envisioning what it might be like to see his design come to life on the body as his canvas. Erik chose to become a tattoo artist in order to express his passion for touching people’s lives by having the privilege to design a tattoo that would not only commemorate the person’s sentiment but would also allow him to design one of a kind pieces that would immortalize the essence of his talented hands.




An avid artist and painter, Danny’s passion for tattooing came from being tattooed himself. As shop manager, he handles the day to day activities of the shop. Currently, Danny is working towards becoming the deshi (apprentice) of horisaru.